Ode to a lonely harp

Carved out of this sordid, withered fits of passion,
A doleful tune let me play, let me bare my bosom,
How I bent my paths to hers, sought living our secret illusions
But dared not tread the path further
As two souls dreaded to be one with each other.

Remember the wondrous moment of our first meeting
When we – drowned in the dreams to minister to ourselves
In sorrows and pleasures – shuddered in sheer ecstasy
As our thoughts each other embraced
Beguiled to soothe the souls long distressed?

She, blushing incessantly, lifted her rose eyes
And sent me the deepest stare; I sank in the wildest
Of the bliss and lay, as if in a trance – rapt and numb.
But the gloom of straining against the wind
Soon took away all the giggles the two hearts can ever find.

By the rivulets vanished the tender contour of my beloved
A confused sigh bade adieu: she must lean against a strong man,
Not be enchained by the frail arms of mine. But my harp,
Overcome by the fear of loneliness, whimpers
A sorrow – too heavy to bear, and will be howling at all hours.

Dhaka, January 20, 2016

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