Of oblivion, of ecstasy

All the shadows, which you and I left along our parallel paths
Out of our sheer failure to break the walls,
Have now resurrected and created a blue constellation.
I can only watch it, down from the ground – alone.

Weren’t we oath-bound to walk the shiny bay routes
Amidst the phosphorus, sinking our feet in the sea,
That roars the joy of marriage with the earth,
Under the pillarless canopy of stars – in ecstasy, in mirth?

Long are you gone in the mourning wild, in solitude,
For God’s rules that hold lovers from leisured gazes,
From ecstasy of the fluttering flagrant desires,
For frowns, wary of sunshine streaming onto the fires.

Thereon we appeared haughty, crossed the unfathomable sea
Journeyed through the hills of flashing amnesia
Upon the love, that once smiled at us and died, turned not our eyes
In the vicissitudes of solitary whimpers and flickering sighs.

In gloom unacquainted, we wrote an elegy unfamiliar to lovers
Disported ourselves in parting sighs, traversing miles of desert
We turned old, sick with memories, like the greying moon,
Wandering though the troubled dim hopes, waiting to die soon.

O dear, let’s catch the star before the dawn falls
Let’s give voice to our fledgling halted whispers,
Let rise from the trampled desires a passionate glee
Let my lyrics of whimper sing the most beautiful hymn for thee.

[Kathmandu, July 24, 2016]

Ode to cascading melancholy

Dabbling in fading dreams, the graying desires dim
Dew mourning the death of cascading melancholy
But gather. O weary whisper, thy hazel eyes dream
Unbearable lightness; trade the myth of solitary folly?
Rise, O death pale ecstasy, thy manacles throw
Drape not in dark shroud ere courage – old
As the world’s bosom – blossoms and grow
Enwrought with mirth in the field of gold.
Hush not, my love, thy whimpering sacred breath
Tread if you may far from the refuge of quiet
Souls falling into eternity but wears the wreath
Of grandeur, not the weeping gloom of the night.

[Dhaka, December 24, 2015]

Thus he left

So he spake before vanishing.
And I, oblivious of his footsteps melting in the wilderness,
Leaned against the whispers of stupor.
Seldom have my deaf ears tuned to such melody, seldom;
Rarely have my blind eyes seen such mesmerising beauty, rarely;
Never has my wandering mind settled on such peace, never.
What blinding light, what unbearable gaze, what strident whisper
He left me with, O Lord!

[Dhaka, January 25, 2014]