Elegy to togetherness

Let us, my dear, part, in this hour of tumult,
And curse the hearts of ours – sore and scornful
That they wed in improbability.
Let them vow to walk parallel paths with dread
Lest they unite to mourn the love, its vanity.

Little would our gruelling labours wear shadow,
For they shy the glimpse of our embrace,
On our secret howls let them rather rest
And bathe in the unfathomable void of oblivion
Oh dear, what mesmeric, incredible is this test!

Let our wasted breaths rest in the tiding fragrance
Of your cascading locks, as twilight flutters its dark wings,
Brimmed and wrinkled with our mutual lust
Our breaths be the testimony how well we fared on the earth
How in improbability we placed our trust.

I bring you this rhyme, as the dawn bell tolls
This ancient soul of mine, weary of your love, O dear,
Would no more seek refuge in your sight.
Shut your door in its face and bid it adieu
Let this arcane grief be its companion, its might.

So, what mortal bosoms still hold the haughty whimpers?
My abyss desires that blossom a rose deep down my dark,
And my void trances that my casket drape,
Now freed from the bodily manacles, plead you, “Forsake not”
As dust settles on my grave and the mourners’ footsteps fade.

[Dhaka, February 14, 2016]

Ode to a lonely harp

Carved out of this sordid, withered fits of passion,
A doleful tune let me play, let me bare my bosom,
How I bent my paths to hers, sought living our secret illusions
But dared not tread the path further
As two souls dreaded to be one with each other.

Remember the wondrous moment of our first meeting
When we – drowned in the dreams to minister to ourselves
In sorrows and pleasures – shuddered in sheer ecstasy
As our thoughts each other embraced
Beguiled to soothe the souls long distressed?

She, blushing incessantly, lifted her rose eyes
And sent me the deepest stare; I sank in the wildest
Of the bliss and lay, as if in a trance – rapt and numb.
But the gloom of straining against the wind
Soon took away all the giggles the two hearts can ever find.

By the rivulets vanished the tender contour of my beloved
A confused sigh bade adieu: she must lean against a strong man,
Not be enchained by the frail arms of mine. But my harp,
Overcome by the fear of loneliness, whimpers
A sorrow – too heavy to bear, and will be howling at all hours.

Dhaka, January 20, 2016

We’ll not meet in rain

Tonight this ancient heart of mine again realises
We’ll never meet – two of us – in rain
And rejoice the drunkenness of our love
In the hours of tumult, in the solitary plain.

Vagabond breeze strolls past my window and stops.
Does it hear my ragged and forlorn whimpers
Despite the rock wall I built to shield my dreams
Perchance any infinite eye embraces it and desires?

O vagrant heart of mine, mourn not at twilight,
Your inviolate sorrows not improvise
‘Cause had we met in rain, all might end in fire
Swallowing everything, not to let us again rise.

Tonight, yet, my wandering fantasies walk on dying dew
In the widening hollow of numb desires, as I fall
In solitude, drifting in darkness of the empty station
Wondering: is life larger than the soul?

[Dhaka, January 12, 2016]

My absence will find you

If your imagination may allow you, amid sighs
Of a wintry dusk, recall how you were silent in tears
Or hummed a line or two in gloom, in fears
That someone might peep into your soul, your eyes.

When my thoughts would wrap you in utter glee,
The murmurs of your heart in desolate place
Would hush in clamorous disdains of glad grace
My pilgrim soul it would never see.

Still, I’ll come in your memories, lie at your feet
No matter how often you forget me and lie in peace
‘Cos I’ll remember you at all times and never cease
My absence will find you, make your heart beat.

[Dhaka, December 28, 2015]